Friday, January 3, 2014

The Effects

Something a little different to my usual post, but a friend recently made me realise that I haven't written a poem in years... and I used to write a lot. So thank you Rush.

Forgive me for bleeding through my words, but at the end of the day self-expression allows freedom and emotional release. December 2013 changed me and I experienced things I never thought I would. I just need to make sure no experience is wasted and use it to fuel my fire, which grows brighter every day.
You can choose to dwell and analyse, or you can grow.
It's always up to you.

The Effects

My hair is matted and dull, it doesn’t shine like it once did,
the life of vitality stripped from its strands.
Sure the length is the same and the colour unchanged,
but it’s now frail, beaten by emotional demand.
My eyes are red and swollen like they were poisoned,
they are burnt by the aftermath of tears.
How many glasses could I have cried full by now?
It shouldn’t hurt so much after all these years.
A throat that is coarse from all the questions,
it's just human nature to ask why.
Funny, even when we don't believe in God,
we still plead, looking for answers in the sky.
The fact is, this is life as it’s supposed to be,
breaking down and constantly unsure.
It’s simply our way of testing our existence,
testing how much one can endure.
TJ x

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